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Korean conglomerate SK Group invests about PLN 6 billion in establishing the world’s largest separator factory in Poland


SK hi-tech Battery materials, part of the Korean conglomerate SK Group, is building its largest separator factory, consisting of four factories, in the Katowice Special Economic Zone in Poland. The first factory started producing 'LiBS’ two years ago; LiBS is a separator for lithium-ion batteries, a type of film with high permeability and strength that ensures thermal stability of the battery. In Japan, Teijin Limited is conducting research and development. According to the company, the construction of the facotory will create 1,200 jobs.

The second factory is in the handover phase and is expected to start production in the first quarter of 2024.

The first factory will have the capacity to produce 340 million m2 worth of separators, and when the investment is fully completed, the total production capacity will reach approximately 1.5 billion m2 worth of separators for around 2 million electric vehicles per year.

SK Group is one of the four largest conglomerates in South Korea, with its roots in the Japanese colonial-era textile and textile company Sunkyo Textile Co. It ranked second in the ranking of South Korea’s largest corporate groups in terms of total assets in 2021, after Samsung.


韓国財閥SKグループに属するSK hi-tech Battery materialsがポーランドのカトヴィツェ経済特区内に4つの工場からなる最大規模の工場を建設している。最初の工場では、2年前に「LiBS」が生産開始された。LiBSとはリチウムイオン電池用セパレータであり、高い通気性と強度を持つフィルムの一種で、電池の熱安定性を確保する。日本では帝人社が研究開発をしている。同社によると工場建設により1200人の雇用が創設される。


第1工場は3億4,000万m2 分のセパレータを生産する能力を持ち、投資が完全に完了すれば、総生産能力は年間約200万台の電気自動車に対応できるセパレーター約15億m2分に達する。


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