We offer comprehensive services in the field of public procurement law and to projects delivered under public and private partnership arrangement; our services are addressed to private and public sectors.

Services to Contracting Parties:

  • formal and legal assessment of tender documents,
  • tender preparation,
  • monitoring the tender proceedings,
  • taking part in the meetings of the Tender Committee, if necessary,
  • formal and legal assessment of bids.

We assist Contractors in:

  • drafting consortium agreements and agreements to share experience,
  • validation and analysis of Technical Specification of the tender including draft contracts,
  • drafting applications to be admitted to take part in a tender and drafting bids,
  • drafting questions to Technical Specification and correspondence with the Contracting Party,
  • analyses of bids submitted by other Contractors,
  • negotiations,
  • drafting appeals,
  • recovery of bid security deposit.


We also draft appeals and represent the Contracting Parties and Contractors in the National Chamber of Appeal (Krajowa Izba Odwoławcza), regional courts, regional administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Services to PPP projects include:

  • legal, financial and risk analyses connected with planned projects,
  • consultancy in the election of a private partner,
  • consultancy at all stages of PPP proceedings for private and public entities, drafting documents,
  • drafting PPP agreement,
  • monitoring project delivery.

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