We offer comprehensive legal services to medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Our lawyers are recognised experts familiar with legal circumstances of public and private healthcare providers and the specificity of pharmaceutical companies.

Our experience includes:


healthcare providers services rendered


cases for payment for services provided beyond the contracted limits

PLN 7 mio

the highest amount adjudicated in a single case for payment for services provided beyond the contracted limits


appeals filed with reference to National Health Fund (NFZ) bids


entities represented during NFZ audits


medical negligence cases

We support our Clients in:

  • registration and day-to-day operations of healthcare providers,
  • developing legal framework for working with healthcare professionals,
  • taking part in National Health Fund (NFZ) proceedings (bids, audits),
  • checking legal compliance of the regulations of the President of NFZ and identifying the possibility to challenge their validity,
  • litigations against the NFZ (for the recovery of amounts questioned during the audits and payments for services provided beyond contracted limits),
  • medical negligence litigations (in courts and in the committee adjudicating on medical events),
  • legal services connected with clinical trials,
  • marketing and promotion of pharmaceutical products,
  • competition law in pharmaceutical industry,
  • patents and trademarks,
  • sales and distribution of pharmaceutical products,
  • parallel import,
  • placing medical products on the market,
  • administrative proceedings, e.g., vis-à-vis WIF (Regional Pharmaceutical inspectorate), GIF (Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate) and cases connected with marketing applications and refunds.

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