We act on a case by case basis, each Client is important to us and we strive to arrive at the most satisfactory ruling.

Our services include:

  • representing Clients in general courts, also in the Supreme Court, and in administrative courts,
  • proceedings in regional chambers of audit,
  • representing Clients in bodies authorised to conduct disciplinary proceedings,
  • proceedings in administrative bodies, including assistance during audits (conducted, e.g., by the National Health Fund, Social Insurance, State Labour Inspection),
  • representing Clients in regional Committees adjudicating on medical events,
  • assistance in out-of-court dispute resolution, mediation and taking part in arbitration,
  • negotiating on behalf of Clients and concluding settlements,
  • proceedings connected with collection of debts in Poland and abroad, collaboration with bailiffs.

Types of cases:

  • medical negligence,
  • for the payment of amounts due based on contracts, compensation, pension,
  • disciplinary cases,
  • labour law and social insurance cases,
  • inheritance law cases,
  • cases in construction law (also based on FIDIC),
  • cases connected with the local self-government,
  • tax law cases,
  • cases connected with disbursing EU resources,
  • debt collection.

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